Sunday, 27 May 2018

My little angel turns 25!

God wanted me to have an angel

And that’s when he gave you to me:

An angel who’s always by my side,

Heart as beautiful and deep as the sea. 

You have been there in all my moods,

Cheered me up when I’m sad,

We’ve acted silly, fought for no reason,

But on you I can never be mad

You’re one person I can rely on,

And share my deepest thoughts,

The bond that we share, oh Piggy,

Is stronger than the strongest knots.

You are now turning twenty five,

I smile thinking how fast time has flown,

From a Piggy Baby to a pretty young lady,

I  rejoice how beautifully you’ve grown

You will always be my “Piggy Baby” 

I love you to the moon and back 

Many more happy returns of the day!

Wish you a very Happy Silver Jubilee❤️


It’s been quite a journey,

Of finding my dream boy,

Finally, he’s here,

The one who brings me joy.

I knew there was someone,

Who’s made just for me,

Finally, he’s here,

Forever with me he will be.

My dream boy has come alive,

More romantic than I’d dreamt,

Here we are building bonds,

This decision I’ll never repent.

I sit here dreaming of travelling,

Not only the world with him,

I want to be there by his side,

As, in the waves of life we swim.

“I’m there for you... always”, said Arun,

“We’ll make this journey beautiful”,

I can feel that in every challenge of life,

He’ll keep me happy and cheerful.

 My life, in the shortest notice has changed,

I have started to fall in love with him,

When he says something sweet and funny

On my face, he brings a genuine grin.

 Finally, I write, expressing my feelings,

A feeling, that for a lifetime will bloom,

Into the strength that would always,

Keep alive the spirit of ‘MridulArun’.

- Mridula Murthy 

Friday, 7 July 2017

When I see life

When I see life as a garden,
I see flowers, trees and lots of fun,
I also see pests and weeds,
But when i clear them, I get my needs.

When I see life as a tree,
I feel like leaves high up and free,
Then comes the autumn and I shed down,
But then comes spring: a new dawn. 

When I see life as the sky,
I feel like a bird and I can fly!!
I also see clouds that make me feel low,
But only clouds can bring rains and a rainbow.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Miss you thatha

A walking encyclopedia he was
I still can't accept his loss
"Life is a Maya" he believed
With positivity and wisdom he lived

A doctor, a spiritualist, a poet he was
Always learning without a pause
Any subject, the depth he knew
People like him are very few

His writing, preaching, his poetry,
His wisdom, vast as branches of a tree,
There was no one he couldn't inspire,
He's one soul we all dearly admire,

A wonderful husband and father,
The world's best grandfather,
A cutest great grandfather he was,
His pure soul deserves an applause.

The past is gone, he is gone,
Now it's our time to move on,
He always talked of the 'power of now',
At present what is alive is his love

Thursday, 16 February 2017

They Are Too Young To Go

They are still children,
Why should they cry and suffer?
It's their age to explore life,
Here, they see thier life buffer.

Some don't know,
Some are well aware,
That they are going to go,
And that's really not fair.

Their life is ending,
It's their age to play.
"Why should they be in pain?"
Thinking this, I just lay.

Young kids in their last days,
It's their age to dream,
And here they are facing,
A reality to its extreme.

Many terminal patients
Of cancer, today I saw,
I was disturbed when I thought,
The kids are still fresh and raw.

It is not their time to go,
It's their age to study,
To face the ugly side of life,
They are too young to be ready.

I have so much to thank,
My family, my life and god,
So much I have in my life,
I feel so blessed by the Lord.

Sometimes I feel I've faced,
"A lot" in my childhood.
Today I realised for sure,
My life has treated me really good.

I realise I should be stronger,
I cried looking at their plight,
Now I feel nice to think,
They'll soon be angels in white.

It's going to be stressful,
And hard for their families,
But its better to let them go,
Away from the pain into peace.

Rather than living with the misery,
Of this deadly disease,
Bid them farewell for now,
They'll be back as healthy babies.

What ever is the best will happen,
For that let us all pray,
Today may have been a bit heavy,
Tomorrow will be a bright new day.

                                                    - Mridula. N. Murthy

The Midnight Rain

Rain rain, so nice and calm,
You are always a pleasure,
Relaxing and refreshing,
You cool the heat down.

Here you come today,
With bombs of thunder,
And swords of lightning,
Scaring the whole town.

Like in most horror movies,
An almost pitch dark room,
Lights up with a loud sound,
With a terrified dog's mourn.

There have been times,
When you came with smiles,
And we enjoyed playing,
And running on our lawn.

At times you sweetly come,
When the sun shines warm,
And make the sky romantic,
As a lovely rainbow is born.

Rain oh rain, just like a mind,
With flowing and pouring
Feelings; some are calming
And some make us frown.

A mind with fantasies,
As colourful as a rainbow,
Giving us a dreamy hope of a
Soon to come, new dawn.

The thunders are the voices
That constantly push us
Into thoughts and dilemmas,
In which we tend to drown.



Once as I was relaxing,
And whiling away time to glory,
I spotted: On my green terrace,
There were two cute bulbuls,
Trying to build their sweet home,
To make their sweet small family.

They co-operated with each other, with great love,
Understandingly they shared their work,
As one got the twigs, the other would weave,
Sweetly singing, “tweet-tweet” as they,
Passionately built their home, sweet home,
To make their sweet small family.

Both husband and wife, very adorable,
Hopped and played on the terrace,
Day and night as they struggled hard,
They took breaks and romanced in water,
In the bird bath, beside their sweet home,
Where they planned their sweet small family.

They saw left, right and all around,
To make sure, no one was eyeing,
And there were no predators around,
Evil and cunning, like the hungry crows,
Wait to destroy their nurtured sweet home,
And wreck their cute small family.

One fine day, the mother bird,
Laid her three small eggs,
Cute and tiny they were,
Pink in colour, in their cozy nest,
The birds had built their sweet home
And almost made their small family.

But despite being very careful,
And intelligent in their planning,
The villain of the story ‘the crow’,
Came and attacked the three little eggs,
Destroyed the birds’ sweet home,
And finished their cute small family.

But the cute little couple,
Undisturbed and strong willed,
Found another place in our garden,
Where they started their work again,
To build their little sweet home,
And make their small family.

Unfortunately, this time too,
The sweet home was not as strong,
To withstand the blow of the wind,
And lo! It fell down to the ground,
Again was shattered their sweet home,
And the dreams to make their small family.

After this, they found another place,
In the next street, on a small tree.
For sure, they felt it was safe and sound,
From the cruel crow and the fierce wind.
Finally they built their sweet home,
And made their sweet small family.

The faith they had on themselves,
And the love that bound them together,
Filled them with high hopes and spirits,
And made it possible for them to once again,
Build their strong sweet home,
And make their small family.

At last, the eggs hatched and the babies squeaked,
What a sight it was to see them learn to fly,
Days passed like minutes, and with a blink of an eye,
They were big enough to lead their own life,
And they set off to build their sweet homes,
And to make their own small families.

From this incident, we have to realize,
That every bird has to fly some day,
To face problems is a part of life,
There will always come happiness our way,
Not losing hopes and trying hard again,
And victory will be ours, one fine day.

 _ Mridula. N. Murthy